It is no great secret that managing disruptive behaviour in any classroom, from infants to sixth form, is one of the most stressful aspects of teaching. Rules and sanctions can be effective up to a point, but often fail to take into consideration individual differences in children and the difficulties they might be experiencing in their school or home life.

In his new book, Colin Lever uses real children’s voices to help you begin to understand why children might behave in the way that they do, offering ideas and strategies to help prevent challenging behaviour occurring in the first place.

Whether it serves as a reference manual, a useful checklist or as an aide to help you plan and prepare for your lessons, this book should be essential reading for every teacher.


“This is an excellent book which would be of great value to many teachers.”  SEN Magazine

I am training to be a teaching assistant and brought this as I believe it will help me. Started to read it and it is really good and has some brilliant tips.
I know that this book will help me not only on the course, but throughout my teaching assistant career. Would highly recommend this book. (Sharon) *****

I would recommend this book to anyone in the teaching profession. It is easy to read and full of practical tips. (N) *****