Hapless Reg is as outdated as the corny motifs on his tee-shirts. Recently retired and at a loose end, he seeks sanctuary from his implacable wife. In the relative calm of the shed, Reg unearths his old guitar. The discovery sets him on a hilarious mission to relive past glories. But the hustle and bustle of OPEN-MIC nights are a far cry from the conservative folk evenings he remembers with such affection. Standing, dry-mouthed, behind a microphone for the first time, he experiences how unpredictable OPEN-MIC nights can be. Rescued by the imperturbable Pisspot, the dawning of Anna raises more than just his spirits. Reg’s hopes rest on the prospect of getting his first gig. From pop-up pipers and a tyranny of TV’s to tortured testicles and menopausal magnets, Reg’s road trip is filled with music and mayhem in equal measure. Like a Rom-com in reverse, OPEN-MIC uncovers the vagaries of the Open-Mic music scene. Whether you are a seasoned musician, a happy amateur or a watcher in the wings, Reg’s journey is sure to put a smile on your face.


“Really entertaining…it resonates on so many levels.” (Lesley Hill, songwriter)

“An excellent read…. had many a chuckle!” (Chris Holt, B.i.L)

“The author disguises all kinds of fears and foibles behind a relentless, calamity laden humour and in doing so creates a pathos to the tale. Everyone who reads this book will find something or someone to laugh at.” (Side-tracks & Detours)

“Good to read a book you wouldn’t normally entertain! So glad I did, this has a bit of everything. With down to earth characters, plenty of laugh out loud and sometimes poignant moments, edged with a lot of naughtiness!” (Kim) ****

Of men, women and microphones’ includes a review of the book, which can be found halfway down the page.

Do you remember your first time in front of a microphone?

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