Written & directed by Colin Lever

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Open-Mic (the sit-com) highlights one woman’s journey to find her voice, after years of servitude. A rom-com in reverse, it traces Daph’s hilarious exploits through the vagaries of the open-mic music scene. She meets many crazy characters, all seeking that elusive gig.

Will Daph beat them to it, or will her husband, Reg, scupper her dreams? Whether you are a seasoned musician, or plain tone deaf, Daph’s quest for independence is sure to strike a chord and keep you laughing.

Episode 1: Let’s talk about sex

Escaping Reg’s clutches, Daph gets more than she bargained for when she stumbles into the Open-Mic music scene.

How to get the best from the experience:

  • Pour yourself a drink.
  • Retire to a quiet place
  • Dim the lights
  • Activate the OPEN-MIC podcast
  • Close your eyes, relax,
  • And let us tickle your giggle-spot

If you would like to find out if Daph gets that elusive gig, please.

Further episodes

Episode 2: Park life

Daph tries to get Reg off his a*** and moving. A visit to Pisspot’s flat is a mind bending experience

Episode 3: Blue moon

On-stage mishaps continue but is someone else behind them? Trying to get to grips with emoji’s Daph gets a surprise aubergine.

Episode 4: Should I stay or should I go?

It all gets a bit hamlet with the omelette. Reg’s surprise puts Daph in hospital. She must escape, but how?

Episode 5: Stayin’ alive CCR or CPR?

Does attendance at her friend’s funeral spell the end for Daph’s dream of performing?

Episode 6: It’s a mystery

A possible mystery sequel, using sketches and one-liners from subscribers.


Daph“Your supper’s in the microwave” Mia Mannion

Reg“Where’s the microwave?” Arthur Parkes

Dolores“I’m The least flammable person I know.” Glynis O’Connor

Screech“Fat, feisty and in your face.” Janet Jacques

Joe (taxi man)“I’m beginning to look old and ugly.” John McNichol

Little Mo“Nothing wrong with your eyesight then.” Lorna Hopley

CT (Geezus)- “Your one and only CT, MC. Working the PA.” Chris Rive

Zeetuay (Landlady)- “she’s so vain, she probably thinks the song is about her.” Lesley Hill

Pisspot- “I’m a freegan vegan.” Colin Lever

Episode one has been sponsored and supported by ArtHouse Jersey

Produced by Wilson Nash

Artwork by Crystal Dinosaur

Recorded by Wilson Nash at Jersey Rock studios

Artwork by Crystal Dinosaur

Sound effects care of Freesound

Incidental music by Lendanear

Written and Directed by Colin Lever