Colin portraitI have been writing professionally since 1988. I am always seeking alternative ways of presenting material. From school text books to professional development within education I set out to create work that views issues from new perspectives. I enjoy the challenge of seeking out new angles that, I believe, readers will find stimulating and sometimes, provocative.

Over the years my direction has changed from writing innovative classroom based materials to flying the flag for the most vulnerable children in society. Through my books, my blogs, articles in the local newspaper and on social media, I put the needs of children first. My aim is to give children a voice in a society where some are viewed with contempt and the rest are seen as investments in a world driven by consumerism.

Like most writers of non-fiction I have a hankering to write fiction. I have a made a number of sorties into the ‘other side’, producing what are occasionally described as factional books. That grey area where real stories are given a fictional narrative. Like so many pilgrims that have passed this way before me, I have been sacrificed on the altar of rejection more times than I care to mention. I have the scars on my self-esteem to prove it. Vanity Press(omg!) followed by self-publishing, finally looking into the Pandora’s box that is e-publishing, searching for somewhere, anywhere, to get my scribblings to an audience, even if it is only a readership of one.

I would like to confess, here and now, that I am an addict. Writing is my drug of choice, an elixir that I indulge myself in when the urge is upon me. My tools are basic, pencil and paper at the beginning, in line with tradition. Mind expanding trips take me on journeys of wild imagination and that I can barely keep up with. The research, the attention detail, the search for that elusive word to bind a sentence; they are all ingredients in this heady mixture that I hope will challenge your senses.