I do not write to a particular genre, preferring to follow my instincts, seeking out ‘alternative’ stories and new angles. Being creative is my cure all. I find the whole process intoxicating. Personalities fascinate me.

I enjoy developing characters, especially ones that provoke emotion. I enjoy turning an idea into something tangible. All those times of mindlessness, stuck at the airport, vegetating in front of the TV, are cauldrons within which my juices flow. I am confident in my ability to recognise a good story and to create a narrative but can I really write fiction?

I will let you be the judge…

La Chaire - book coverLa Chaire, Beyond the Garden Gate

La Chaire sits in a sleepy valley on the North East coast of Jersey. It predates the Lost Gardens of Heligan and in its pomp it was comparable to any of its contemporaries but like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon its magnificence is now confined to history.

The stories that are related in the book are accurate historical accounts taken from personal diaries, biographies and actual recollections of events that occurred. They have been dramatised in order to create a narrative but otherwise they remain true to the people’s lives they describe.

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A Forbidden Kiss coverA Forbidden Kiss

A short story.

The Channel Islands, 12 miles off the coast of France were the only British territory to be occupied by Nazi Germany during World War Two. A soldier and a civilian are attracted to each other.To fraternize with the ‘enemy’ is to court censure. Do they follow their instincts and beggar the consequences or do they suppress their feelings and go their separate ways? Either way somebody will get hurt.

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